Vermont Ukulele Harvest

Detailed Schedule

Amy - 60 min

Next Steps After C

9:00 am


Stu - 75 min

Chuck Berry

Jim - 60 min

Advanced Beginner

10:30 am


Ron - 75 min

Joe Avery

Amy - 60 min


1:30 pm


Stu - 75 min

Reggae Calypso

Jim - 60 min


3:00 pm


Ben - 75 min

Jazz Chord Melody


Jim Beloff Workshops

Advanced Beginner Ukulele workshop:

For those who know a handful of chords and a basic up/down strum, here’s a chance to take your skills to a new level. Another half dozen or so (dozen if two sessions) well-known songs will be played while learning more chords, new fingerings, new strums, a picking pattern, transposing on the fly and performance tips and techniques along the way.

Songwriting for Songwriters:

Fast-paced analysis of the technique behind several classic songs. We’ll consider structure, rhyme, title-placement and other essentials that make a great song, great. Time will be set aside for performance and critique of original songs.

Stu Fuchs Workshops

 Reggae & Calypso for Ukulele Grooves from the Heart:

The music of the Caribbean is so fun to play and a GREAT way to master the fundamentals of Ukulele strumming!  Together we’ll explore the joyful rhythmic styles of Reggae, Calypso & Ska.  You’ll learn uplifting songs, new syncopated strum patterns, and melodic riffs, while “leveling up” your sense of groove and coordination with unique practice tips from Stu’s decades of experience as a performer and teacher.  Be prepared to have a blast getting into the groove!

Open to ALL LEVELS of player (some basic experience recommended)

The Life & Times of Chuck Berry:  Rock and Roll for Ukulele

Learn the stylistic nuances of rock n' roll on your Uke!  We’ll play lots of fun and easy songs from the Father of Rock n Roll, Chuck Berry.  By exploring songs from Chuck’s extensive catalogue and applying Stu's Uke-a-Billy

method, you'll give your ukulele playing that classic rock n’roll sound.  You’ll learn new rhythms, melodic licks, and tricks for improving your ability to strum and sing at the same time.  In addition, you’ll gain an insight into the creative ways Chuck Berry weaves storytelling and rhythm & blues to help create the style of Rock n Roll music.

Amy Conley Workshops

Next Steps After the Key of C

A great way to start the ukulele is to learn the chord family of C (also known as common chords in the key of C).  But once you’ve mastered those (C, Am, Dm, Em, F, G7, C7), how does one move forward in an organized way?    Learn the key of G!    You’ll learn why and how, get a set of songs to practice in that key, and play games to train your ear for chord changes in this fun workshop!  

Fingerpicking the Ukulele

We’ll focus on slow songs that sound best with fingerpicking.  No experience necessary, but you should be comfortable playing the basic major and minor chords.  Learn different patterns for songs based on the beats in each measure (4/4 time and ¾ time).  Once you create a pattern, use it for the whole song—muscle memory takes over!  It’s easier than it looks.

Ron Kelley Workshop

Let's Play Joe Avery Blues

Also called “Second Line” Joe Avery's Blues is a great way to get a feel for traditional New Orleans music. We will strum some jazzy bar chords in a simple 12 measure pattern and then add some riffs and breaks. There will be room to try some improvisation. By the time we're done we'll be rockin' the house.

Ben Carr

Jazz Chord Melody

Ain’t Misbehaving is a classic Fats Waller jazz standard which falls nicely on the ‘ukulele fretboard and can be easily played as a chord melody arrangement. Learn how to play melody notes and chords at the same time, as well as simple chord inversions which allow you to do so.  Participants will have the option to play as an ensemble during the Saturday night concert.