This was our 2017 schedule, we'll be adding a 2018 schedule soon!

Vermont Ukulele Harvest

9:00 am


Intro to Ukulele

Ben Carr

10:00 - 10:50


Who Needs a Drummer?

Victoria Vox

11:00 - 11:50


Learning the Uke Fingerboard

Curt Sheller

Open Mic Prep

Lisa McCormick

11: 50 - 1:30 - Lunch

1:30 - 2:20


Creative Strumming

Ben Carr

Intro to Soloing

Jane Davies

2:30 - 3:20


Becoming a Multi-Tasker

Victoria Vox

Building Left Hand Technique

Curt Sheller

3:30 - 5:30 - Open Mic

5:30 - 7:30 - Dinner

7:30 - Concert

Intro to Ukulele - Ben Carr (Beginner level)  

New to the instrument? Then this workshop is for you! Ben will lead you through the basics of 'ukulele playing including posture, introductory chords, strumming, and more.

Who Needs a Drummer When I’ve Got Uke? - Victoria Vox (Intermediate level)

Are you ready to take your ukulele playing to the next level? In this Level 2 class, we’ll play with movable chord shapes, left-hand muting, strumming patterns, and how to “chunk” (create your own back beat). These are all simple techniques to improve your rhythm and playing style. Good times guaranteed.

Learning the Ukulele Fingerboard – Curt Sheller (All Levels)

This workshop is guaranteed to take the mystery out of the ukulele fingerboard and have you a lot closer to actually knowing the name of every note on the fingerboard and instantly recall it. Memorizing the notes of the ukulele fingerboard is not as hard as one would think. Although there doesn’t seem to be any pattern and the same letter can be found on every string. There is a systematic approach that can be used to help remember the notes. You’ll get more out of actually knowing the names of the notes of the fingerboard than most things you have to memorize. It will actually cut out the number of shapes you have to memorize.

Open Mic Prep – Lisa McCormick (All Levels)

Getting up your nerve to play an open mic or coffeehouse? Or even just a song or two for a friend? In this workshop, we’ll look at tips for dealing with stage fright, how to choose the right songs to play, strategies for practicing for performance, and, tips for playing for an audience. This workshop will be followed by the Open Mic event that is part of the day’s festivities.

Creative Strumming – Ben Carr (Adv. Beginner - Intermediate)

As much as chords are the backbone of the song, 'ukulele strums add the spice and flavor! This workshop will lead you through the chunk, fan, triple stroke, and finger rolls. We'll also combine different strums to create new and interesting .

Introduction to Soloing -- Jane Davies (Intermediate level)

“Soloing” means making up a melody on the fly, or improvising, usually to a chord progression. A solo can be the ultimate expression of your individual musical ideas; you can SAY something in a solo that is unavailable in a written piece. Sounds pretty intimidating, though, doesn’t it? There is a place to begin, though, and that is the focus of this workshop. Leaving behind music theory, we will jump right in with one-chord solos in a given framework of notes. From there we will move on to two- and three- chord “songs”. If you know basic chords and can play melody or scales, you are ready for this workshop.

Becoming a Multi-tasker / Performance techniques – Victoria Vox (All Levels)

Singing and playing at the same time doesn’t come easy for everyone. It’s a bit like rubbing your tummy and patting your head. And don’t forget keeping time, staying in tune, and remembering both the lyrics and chord changes! Overwhelmed yet? We’ll play around with practicing / performing techniques to get ALL the jobs done!

Building Left Hand Technique - Curt Sheller (Adv Beginner - Intermediate)

Building Left Hand Technique explores what it takes to build killer left hand chops on the ukulele. Single string left hand technique, open string, repeated notes, variations, intervals, double stops, triple stops, chord switching, rhythmic variations, skipping strings, legato and staccato technique. You’ll never be better than you what you can actually pull off what you want with your hands. And, luckily our left hand - ALL of our fingers can be trained to a pretty high level allowing you to pull off what you would like to do.

Autumn Encore  

by Vermont Artist Peter Huntoon